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Jackson Komba Massa: born and raised in Zambia and currently living in Holland.

As a musician and composer of Zambia, I carry the Zambesi River Sound in my heart. It has been my desire ever since to promote the music of my homeland.

Be most welcome to roam over this site. It's all about selected Zambian Music with a focus on recognized professionals, new talents showcases, and news about music events. Have fun in listening to audio- and viewing video presentations.

May this website become a most appreciated professional platform for the music created and performed by my fellow countryman.

N.b.: With courtesy to Kasaka River Lodge,  Zambia for the use of their photograph.


Featured | Tonga Traditional


Performed by Chris Haambwiila from Chitongo Village. Song Titel: Saansa Cisanse

The kalumbu is a one-stringed musical bow, the ancient origins of which lie with the San people. In Zambia only found amongst the Ba-Tonga and Ba-Ila peoples of Southern Province. Chris Haambwiila is an Ila from Chitongo village and one of the best kalumbu players to be found.

This is high impact history. The Portuguese operating from their enclave Luanda on the coast, asked the Tschokwe people to get them slaves in exchange for guns. The Tschokwe raided the peoples in the interior - Luba, Kanyok, Lunda, Ila - and those musical cultures went over to the Nordeste of Brazil. In this way, the Brazilian berimbau got its start.

This song 'Saansa Cisanse' is on the new cd SWP 041 'Zambia Roadside 2' available via and also available through iTunes. Another traditional instrument in danger of disappearing is recorded here by Michael Baird in 2008 with essential assistance from Mrs. Esnart Mweemba. More kalumbu songs on SWP 010 'Kalimba and Kalumbu Songs', recorded in the 1950s. Filmed by Rogier Kappers and Boudewijn Koole.

With courtesy of SWP-Records.

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