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A bit more about music and myself.

My own development has proceeded on several fronts. I started out playing a mix of blues and rock tunes from the ‘60s and ‘70s, but always had a parallel interest in jazz and, to a lesser degree, Zambian music.

I love chord progressions and the power and nuance which they bring to music. So, I explored each of these areas when I had the time or opportunity to do so.

My favorite instrument to play is the guitar. Second best for me to play is a bass guitar. The drum set is something to my liking as well, although I started as a keyboard player. That was in Lusaka in the BIG GOLD SIX BAND, many Big-Gold-Six-Bandyears back in time. A great time, we played every day in the InterContinental Hotel.

Three of the six band members on the old cover photo here passed away. Only me (Jackson Komba, second from left), Offrey Sinkala (third from left) and Agrippa Kalela (fifth from left), are still alive. Bestin Mwanza, Philimon Tembo, and Ezron Kolala aren’t longer alive today.

More recently, the Zambian popular music has been a very productive field for new ideas. I love harmonic richness and complexity, but never for its own sake. I am always aware that simplicity and directness of expression are prime values.

Currently is my emphasis on the music business, based on the Music Business Certificate of the international SAE Institute, comprising music related law, record label ownership and band-, artist-, stage management. In short: Industry professionalism.

Warm Regards,

Jackson Komba Massa.


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