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Hire Jackson and friends for exclusive custom made music tunes or typical African - English Voice Over for your Video productions.

The audio player below opens with a new song of Debbie, titled: Time to move on. Further two instrumental tunes by Jackson and Timo. These are downloadable stock productions and free to use. Click  in the player to download.


  • Time to move on, by Singer-Songwriter Debbie
  • Just Timo. Guitar composition
  • Take 2. By Jackson and Timo
  • Accoustic / Electric guitar composition by Jackson and Timo

Deborah Nambola, living in Ndola, Zambia



Deborah Nambola, Debbie in short: a young and talented Zambian lady Singer-Songwriter. We are proud to have her on our team.

Performing Producers.

Jackson Komba Massa, Amersfoort, Zambian.

Jackson Komba, Zambian guitar player

Timo Vander Laak, Amersfoort, Dutch.

Timo vdL, guitar performerJackson: Multidisciplinair instrumentalist, composer, media manager.
Timo: Guitarist, composer and sound techniques.
Debbie: Vocalist, songwriter and composer.